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Core Flyte Instructional Videos
Modifications for All Fitness Levels.
Muscle Group:
Seated Crunch with Support Play Button

Seated Crunch with Support - 30 Seconds

Seated Crunch Play Button

Seated Crunch - 40 Seconds

Seated Alternating Crunch Play Button

Seated Alternating Crunch - 40 Seconds

Core Rollout Play Button

Core Rollout - 40 Seconds

Pike Play Button

Pike - 40 Seconds

Plank Pike Splits Play Button

Plank Pike Splits - 50 Seconds

Plank Ups Play Button

Plank Ups - 40 Seconds

Cross V-Sit Up Play Button

Cross V-Sit up - 45 Seconds

Oblique Crunch Play Button

Oblique Crunch - 50 Seconds

Russian Twist Play Button

Russian Twist - 40 Seconds

Bird Dog Crunch Play Button

Bird Dog Crunch - 40 Seconds

Lateral Lunge Play Button

Lateral Lunge - 50 Seconds

Reverse Lunge Play Button

Reverse Lunge - 1 Minute

Cross Crunch + Hamstring Curl Play Button

Cross Crunch + Hamstring Curl - 40 Seconds

Clock Lunge Play Button

Clock Lunge - 50 Seconds

Glute Bridge Play Button

Glute Bridge - 40 Seconds

Dynamic Glute Bridge Play Button

Dynamic Glute Bridge - 40 Seconds

Squat Play Button

Squat - 50 Seconds

Pistol Squat Play Button

Pistol Squat - 1 Minute

Seated Abduction & Adduction Play Button

Seated Abduction & Adduction - 30 Seconds

Military Pushup Play Button

Military Pushup - 50 Seconds

Knee Tuck Pushups Play Button

Knee Tuck Pushups - 40 Seconds

Inchworm Play Button

Inchworm - 50 Seconds

Dynamic Fly Play Button

Dynamic Fly - 50 Seconds

Archer Pushup Play Button

Archer Pushup - 40 Seconds

Military Rollout Play Button

Military Rollout - 50 Seconds