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Core Flyte Education

Choose From 3 Core Flyte Educational Courses

1. Core Flyte Starter Course (Online) - FREE

This free course is designed for new Core Flyte users. It provides step-by-step instructions, including demonstration videos, for the use and proper training with Core Flytes.


2. Core Flyte Operators Course (Online)

This course is designed for the Core Flyte users who seek to expand their knowledge of Core Flyte techniques. Learn 4 warm-up techniques, 15 exercise techniques (each with 5 variations), 3 workout routines. Complete an assessment and earn a Certificates of Completion.


3. Core Flyte Specialist Workshop (Live, In-Person)

This course provides hands-on training by a Core Flyte Master Instructor (MI). The MI is an experienced fitness professional who leads this 4 hour, live workshop for fitness pros and enthusiasts. Participants earn continuing Education Credits (CEUs) from NASM, ACE, and AFAA and become Core Flyte Specialists.