Welcome Martin Shkreli, Core Flyte Brand Ambassador

“Invariably, when people read the headline about Martin Shkreli, they hate Martin Shkreli. When they get to know Martin Shkreli, they love Martin Shkreli.” - Former Pharmaceutical Company CEO Martin Shkreli

At Flyte Fitness, we want everyone to know that Core Flytes can be used by people of all fitness levels — and we want to prove it to you.

We have customers of all shapes, sizes, ages, and activity levels using Core Flytes in over 30 countries. However, many people are intimidated by seeing some of our more fit and limber customers sharing their latest Core Flyte exercises. We understand. So, we have identified the one person who we feel can prove to the world that Core Flytes can help anyone get in better shape. Anyone.

Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with a new brand ambassador, former pharmaceuticals company CEO Martin Shkreli. Flyte Fitness and Martin have signed an endorsement agreement that will last approximately seven years, depending on good behavior.

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Recently, Martin said, “It doesn't seem like life will change very much for Martin Shkreli, basically ever.” Well, he wasn’t quite right. Life is about to change for Martin Shkreki... for the better.


The Pharma Bro Challenge

Martin has been widely referred to as a “pharma bro” and is eager to prove he is more than a shady guy. “I’m going to put some muscle on... I have to,” Martin said. “I am about to face some tough challenges and I need to be stronger... like, way stronger. I think I can be 5,000 percent stronger. Core Flytes are going to be critical for my physical transformation.” Martin seems to like 5,000 percent increases.

Martin will use his Core Flytes daily in a confined space where he will perform a wide range of body weight exercises. Martin says he “has not exercised since probably eighth grade gym class,” so we expect a tremendous opportunity to see visible improvement both in his body and in his functional performance.

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From Big Apple to Big House

Asked why Martin chose Core Flytes as his primary workout tool, he said, “They’re small and portable so I won’t have trouble with them taking up space.” Martin is in the process of moving from a 4,000 square foot Midtown Manhattan duplex to a 48 square foot location with limited entertainment options.

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He had predicted that he would “play basketball and tennis and Xbox” in his new home, but that won’t be the case. “Also,” Martin says, “Core Flytes are the best piece of equipment for improving stability... and I desperately need to become more stable."

Benefits to Our Customers

We will have daily updates showing Martin’s Core Flyte exercises on our Instagram and Twitter pages, @flytefitness, for all to see. Martin was suspended from Twitter last year for harassing a Teen Vogue editor, so he won’t be tweeting on his own.

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In addition to following Martin’s progress, Core Flyte customers will have exclusive access to the Wu-Tang album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, that Martin purchased at auction for $2 million which has previously not been released.

We are looking forward to following Martin’s journey and sharing his progress with you.

Let us know what you think about our new partner, and ALWAYS check the date of the articles you read!

Be Flyte Fit,

Jeremy Greenberg

Flyte Fitness